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I've started a Substack! Click HERE to go to it and when you get there subscribe by dropping in your email, and every time I post something new you'll be notified in your inbox.


The big idea is the Substack will take the place of this blog. I'm not saying this is the last post but it very well could be. Really I have nothing against the blogger. Nor am I making some kind of mad dash to start monetizing my posts and charging you for what you've been getting for free the last ten years. I could have monetized long ago by allowing Google to put ads wherever on the blog but I intentionally resisted. 

No, the main draw to the new platform is the ability to collect email addresses and notify YOU via email whenever I post something new. Blogger has always had a follow/subscribe mechanism available on their blogs, but I was never sure how they notified you. The blogs I followed never notified me. I just had to check back whenever I remembered to check. And in the meantime I missed out on timely deals, posts and other doings that I would have liked to be notified about.

In this day and age of community standards and social media pages deleting accounts for no discernible violations it's more important than ever to have all your stuff outside of that realm. And while I've maintained my own website (this one for the last ten years), I never collected email addresses or set up a feed notifier. And that's where the Substack comes in. 

I want to create a clearer channel between me and you, dear reader. It comes down to freedom of speech. Some people argue that being silenced on social media is a violation of freedom of speech. I disagree. The social media conglomerates are private companies and therefore they have to right to deny service to anyone they choose. That's why it's so important to be able to contact you outside of that. It's about freedom. Perhaps one day I'll decide I want to be free of any and all social media; suppose one day they all spontaneously shut down never to return (yeah, if that happens we may have bigger problems than speech)? I can still give you the chance to be updated with the latest comings and goings of my work in a timely manner.

In the meantime, this site will still remain here. I'll even try to keep the links updated. It's not going away. is not going away. We're just migrating, trying something new. So go ahead and give it a shot. If staying updated with my work and other stuff is important to you please click the link and subscribe. Let's take our relationship to the next level.





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