Cabin Fever

Upcoming art show with all new paintings & art by me and my Homiez. Opening February Friday the 13th, 2015 from 6pm-9pm, and a closing two weeks later on the 27th, same time.
It will be on view for two weeks as I will personally gallery sit so EVERYBODY can get a peek.
When I hash it out I'll post those specific hours. I'm thinking it'll be 5pm to 8pm weekedays. I'll confirm soon. Anyway, here's the event page, so hit it up!


The Coming of Gozer

We round up another year and I'm wrapping up another book. That's right y'all, Screw Comics #3 is ready to be sent to the press, barring a flawless pre-production proof and a final quote that tickles my fancy. This ish rounds out at 94 pages, and I plan to still slang 'em for 10 bucks a pop just to stick it to the man and the squares. Peep this new art and just try to tell me you're not the Key Master.

official cover for ish 3

the inside cover 'greetings' page, art in color, 
set to be printed with verbiage in black and white

Plus other art to finish out this year:

Portrait of a Lilliputian Reading a Magazine

and a Guy Fox sketch for Guy Fawkes Day last month

And I think that's it. Until next year, Toonsters, take care and try to see how high you can get!


Armed and Creepy

As Screw Comics! #3 comes together like Voltron I had to throw in a comic about the creepy burglar. It's a story that's happened recently here in Houston, a young guy burglarized a home and just before he left he was staring at the baby in the crib for a minute or so. It was caught on tape and afterward everybody thought it was sooooo creepy. Granted it may be creepy but he didn't hurt the kid, and he left. As a deep thinker myself I had a different perspective on the event, and I drew it up in this comic, which is gonna make it in this issue.

Also, I'm trying out some new paper so I drew this. 

I wanted to draw something detailed so I whipped some Magitek armor, you know, of Final Fantasy lore. 

The new book is almost done. Just gotta obtain some old layout files from an old burnt out computer to lay it out. Plus I gotta contact my printer and let them know it's coming. Moving along!


Selkies & Cat Girls

Just in time for Halloween, a new comic I illustrated for Red Stylo Media! For their upcoming collection of stories based on the classic rock band Queen entitled Killer Queen, this story features a mermaid sideshow, mean bullies, and an unlikely love story. Download it here and/or pick up the printed anthology here (when it's released the link'll work). Below is a black and white art page from the story, as well as a few character sketches. If yer a Queen fan I'm sure you'll recognize one of them for sure.

How 'bout that splash panel?

And also in the spirit of Halloween this year, here's a sketch of Hermione Granger of Harry Potter lore bumbling a potion. I've always loved this scene from the movie.

Try not to each too much candy this Friday night!